The Voices of Kid Power

Armani, Kid Power Alumna 

“Kid power is an amazing program filled with so much diversity, enthusiasm, and inspiring energy it almost makes it feel like a second family. I have attended Kid Power since I was 8 years old. I lived in a troubled neighborhood and it was rare for me and my siblings to have fun outside. Then we joined Kid Power and it changed our lives. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I was a troubled student and joining Kid Power made me want more for myself!” 

Camilla, Barnard Elementary School Student

“The way I can make a difference in my community is to make the earth better by cleaning up trash and putting up “No littering” signs, like what we did with our community service project. We do a lot, like the fun field trips to the high schools where you get to do really cool activities and earn prizes. At Kid Power, I learned how to eat healthy and how to write stories. My favorite activities are art and STEM.”

Sher’Nae, Kid Power Alumni Parent and Volunteer

“I wanted my children to learn how to cook and to recognize and choose healthy options, and Kid Power introduced my family to different approaches to growing, cooking and enjoying all vegetables. They have been involved with Kid Power for over 11 years and they still value what they’ve learned. Lessons from the program helped them with summer jobs as counselors, to feeding the homeless, to creating their own hot sauce and pickles, to college and career planning. Still today, they enjoy making homemade kale chips and zucchini bread from the Kid Power recipes. I feel lucky to have been involved with a school that provided such a resource. This is why I volunteer today with Kid Power because I want to be able to give back to an organization that gives so much.”

Kreshawn, Jefferson Middle School Student

“What I’ve liked most about Kid Power is how the activities allow us to communicate. During the school day we don’t have time or are not allowed time to express ourselves, but Kid Power allows us to communicate our thoughts.”