Why Kid Power?

  • 67% of students failed to meet grade-level standards in English and 61% in Math.
    (OSSE, 2018)
  • Only 23% of 8th-graders tested at proficiency on the civics portion of the
    National Assessment of Educational Progress.
  • Only 68% of high school students graduate from DC high schools. (OSSE)
  • 28% of DC children under the age of 18 are living in food insecure households.
    (Capital Area Food Bank)
  • Low-income students lose nearly 2 months of grade level equivalency in
    math and reading over the summer.

Our Goals

  1. Success in School: Students will develop as academic leaders measured by curriculum completion, graduation and attendance rates, test data, and parent and youth surveys.
  2. Engagement in Meaningful Activities: Students will develop as informed and engaged civic leaders measured by service hours, parent surveys, and civic and social assessments.
  3. Healthy Behaviors and Successful Transitions: Students will develop healthy habits and behaviors measured by nutritional and social behavior assessments, attendance, and family surveys.

Our Solution

Each year, Kid Power helps hundreds of youth succeed academically, empowers them to become engaged leaders and responsible citizens, and fosters healthy living through school gardens. Kid Power operates four interconnected programs that address the academic, social, and health needs facing DC youth. Our programs include comprehensive, innovative, approaches that engage students, resulting in achieved academic proficiency, positive social-emotional growth, and increased civic engagement through evidenced-based strategies such as hands-on instruction, mentorship and small group instruction, school-day alignment, family engagement, and differentiated instruction and preparation for career and life.

Who We Serve

Kid Power’s free after-school programs serve approximately 425 youth daily, our 5-week summer programs serve up to 150 students, and our monthly in-school VeggieTime Program serves 1,600 students. We serve youth and their families attending the following District of Columbia Public Schools.