Middle & High School Program Applications

The Mentors Inc. @ Kid Power programming supports DC public and charter school middle and high school students with one-to-one community-based mentors to support them with academic, college, career, and personal development goals. Learn more about our newest mentoring program, through Mentors, Inc. @ Kid Power  and our freeform, student-led, enrichment program, PowerUp! and how you can apply.

To apply, students must be in 8th-11th grades and apply before winter break of their 11th grade year in order to be matched with a mentor. While applications are accepted year-round, intake periods happen in Fall, Spring, and Summer. Intake events can be found under News and Events.

Student Requirements: 

  • Motivated!
  • 1 year commitment
  • 4-8 hours face-to-face each month, (In-person activities are optional during the pandemic.)
  • Weekly phone communication with mentors
  • Communicate with staff monthly
  • Participate in our PowerUp! Enrichment Porgramming, open to grades 6-12. See below for further details.


Apply to be a Protégé: To be matched with a mentor, students must complete the following intake steps. 

  1. Complete Online Application
  2. Family Information Session
  3. Group Interview

Families will be notified if they’ve been accepted to receive a mentor after the group interview. Youth who are not yet ready to be accepted to receive a mentor will be invited to participate in PowerUp! to demonstrate readiness skills to be matched in the future. Youth and families accepted as protégés must complete the following steps:

  1. Enrollment Packet
  2. Family Orientation
  3. Individual Interview
  4. Protégé Training

The goal of PowerUp! is to empower youth to explore career, college, and personal goals on their own terms. We explore content that youth are interested in and want to learn more about. Students participate in Career Site Visits that are unique to our program and provide behind the scenes visits with STEM exposure. At each visit students will take a tour of the workplace, speak to people in at least 3 different positions, and do a hands-on activity. Site visits include tours of Microsoft, National Geographic. Costar Group, Patuxent Wildlife Refuge to name a few. The program also includes field trips and bi-monthly workshops that teach and empower. For more information contact Felicity Poussaint, Program Coordinator at 202-227-0366 or [email protected]

  • Open to 6th-12th grade students
  • Meetings are held virtually every Thursday afternoon
  • Additional programming during school breaks including February break, Spring Break, and July
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