The Need
  • 67% of students failed to meet grade-level standards in English and 61% in Math. (OSSE, 2018)
  • 82% of white students met or exceeded expectations in English Language Arts and 79% in Math, compared to 25% and 21% of black students and 32% and 28% of Hispanic students, respectfully. 
  • Only 23% of 8th-graders tested at proficiency on the civics portion of the National Assessment of Educational Progress.
  • DC has the sixth highest child food insecurity rate of any other state in the nation, with 28% of children under the age of 18 living in food insecure households. (Capital Area Food Bank)
  • Nearly 64% of DCPS middle school youth had been engaged in a physical fight and 30% had been bullied on school property. 
Our Approach: Academic Enrichment

Kid Power provides a continued learning opportunity for students following school-day operations that include academic and enrichment support. Serving 425 DCPS 2nd-8th grade students daily, students begin each day with our Academic Power Hour. Students receive homework help and small group mentoring/tutoring, implemented by Kid Power Instructors, who work collaboratively with DC Public School teachers for assistance with school-day instruction. Students then participate in the following hands-on activities:

  • VeggieTime Enrichment: A sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and environmental science curriculum that incorporates hands-on gardening, cooking, and market operations. Kid Power builds or adds to existing school gardens to create outdoor learning spaces for students, providing access to healthy foods and getting kids excited about taking charge of their own health.
  • Citizenship Enrichment: Literacy-building and civic engagement activities that teach U.S. and global history and the building blocks of democracy. Lessons connect to student elections, debate, and service-learning projects.
  • Art with a Purpose: Creative art projects that support emotional expression, communication, teamwork, self-reflection, and mindfulness.
  • STEM Enrichment: Hands-on science lessons that promote critical thinking, chemistry, physics, geometry, and engineering skills.
  • Kid Power Circles: Teambuilding activities that support youth leadership, community building, self-confidence, and reflection.
  • Tutoring Field Trips: One-on-one and small group homework help and literacy-building activities conducted by local high school students.
  • Clubs: Youth-led weekly enrichment clubs, based on student preference, such as Sports, Computer Club, Dance Club, etc.