Will You Join Them? Help us Advocate for More Opportunities for Underserved Youth!

As DC Council meets this spring to consider and vote on the District’s funding priorities for fiscal year 2017, we’re partnering with the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates topromote greater funding for and access to quality community-based after-school and summer learning opportunities for all DC students.  Despite the increased need and demand as evidence from the recent spike in crime throughout the District, funding has followed a downward trend in recent years, meaning still fewer spots in after-school for kids who need them most.

Kid Power students are writing their own letters to City Council to share what after-school programs mean to them. Together, our voice is stronger. Please help us lead the way by signing the petition here to let City Council know that out-of-school time must be a priority in order to build a brighter future for DC youth.

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Spring Planting!

Yet another reason to love March? Spring has sprung here in the District and we’re thrilled to be getting back out into our gardens! Students are preparing to plant by testing the soil in their gardens to make sure it contains the proper nutrients to give them the best yield. Meanwhile, at several school sites, students are starting their seedlings to grow "Taco Gardens" featuring cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. We can’t wait for an epic #TacoTuesday from this harvest!

Our Latest Blog: “Every day [they] show me resilience, strength and compassion”—College Staff Reflects on What She’s Taught and What She’s Learned at Kid Power

Through the Federal Work Study program (FWS), Kid Power is able to take advantage of the abundance of world class universities here in DC to create mutually beneficial opportunities for both college students and Kid Power youth. Kid Power is proud to partner with American UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityHoward University, andGeorgetown University through this program, which brings over 100 college students as instructors to Kid Power’s programs each week. These students gain opportunities for personal and professional growth while connecting to the larger DC community, and Kid Power students gain role models, tutors, and perspectives from the diverse backgrounds these college students bring.

Recently, we sat down with Katie Lu Clougherty, an undergraduate student at American University, who works with Kid Power as a Site Coordinator at Houston Elementary School.  So we caught up with Katie to get her perspective on this unique public-private partnership.

Why did you choose to work with Kid Power for your Federal Work Study job? 
I chose to work with Kid Power because I love working with kids and I thought it was the perfect way to fulfill my FWS requirements and give back to the community of DC.

What experiences have had the greatest impact on you in this job? 
Every day Kid Power kids show me resilience, strength and compassion. No matter what is going on in their lives' they are willing to put in some effort. Whether it's doing their homework, being kind to another classmate, or creating a good sense of community in our class, they care about what they are doing and they care about each other. Some days are harder than others, but overall the kids teach me something new each day.

Is there any one moment or experience that impacted you most?
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As always, we thank you for your continued support!

--Your Friends at Kid Power

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