“Kid Power helps build the foundation for confidence that will allow us to take control of our future and conquer the obstacles that come in our way. No one
can tell me that I can’t because Kid Power showed me at a young age that I can."
Jenari, Kid Power alumnus and current Marketing and Communications Fellow at Accenture Federal Services
"I learned a lot but the one thing that Kid Power expressed to every single child every summer... always give back. And I think that’s what will really stick with me for the rest of my life. No matter where life takes me I’ll always remember to give back."
Wilmon H. Lee IV
“The way I can make a difference in my community is to make the earth better by cleaning up trash and putting up "No littering" signs, like what we did with our community service project.”
Camilla, 4th grader at Barnard Elementary School
“I feel lucky to have been involved with a school that provided such a resource. This is why I volunteer today with Kid Power because I want to be able to give back to an organization that gives so much.”
Sher’Nae Kay, Kid Power Parent and Volunteer
“Volunteering with youth in our Summer Leadership Academy has taught me to slow down. Working with these kids has been so rewarding. As a young adult I have learned so much from these kids!"
Trista Cegielski, Volunteer
“I love how we can focus on the whole child by giving them the tools and resources that they can use in every aspect of their lives.”
Shana Townes, Kid Power Staff
“Serve DC’s success is reflected in Kid Power’s success. We want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience, from the young people served by Kid Power’s programs to the AmeriCorps Members that serve those young people.”
Serve DC AmeriCorps Program Director
“Kid Power helps build the foundation for confidence that will allow us to take control of our future and conquer the obstacles that come in our way. No one
can tell me that I can’t because Kid Power showed me at a young age that I can.”
Jenari, Kid Power alumnus and sophomore at Rensslear Polytechnic Institute
“I learned a lot but the one thing that Kid Power expressed to every single child every summer... always give back. And I think that’s what will really stick with me for the rest of my life. No matter where life takes me I’ll always remember to give back.”
Wilmon H. Lee IV

Who We Are

Kid Power inspires youth leadership by promoting academic advancement, physical & emotional wellness, and positive civic engagement in under-served communities throughout the District of Columbia.

Our Programs

Kid Power’s FREE programs serve more than 1,600 DC students.

After-School Program

GRADES: 2nd – 8th

Summer Leadership Program

GRADES: Rising 3rd – 8th

Mentor & Enrichment Program

GRADES: 6th – 12th

In-School Program

GRADES: Pre-K – 5th

Our Impact

The program helped 92% of students maintain or improve their ELA standardized test scores and 7% move from below proficiency to approaching, meeting, or exceeding proficiency. Furthermore, according to DCPS school-day teachers, because of Kid Power programming, 63% of Kid Power showed improvements in regular classroom attendance, 43% showed an improvement in academic performance, and 51% showed an improvement in classroom participation.

The program helped students increase their civic knowledge, ability to design a service-learning project, and their confidence with debate and public speaking skills by 21%. Further, 73% of students reported increased understanding of the importance of helping others and 95% of parents said Kid Power helped their child understand the importance of community service.

Students showed a 17% increase in their nutritional, environmental science, and gardening knowledge.  Highlights included a 32% increase in students’ ability to identify different parts of a plant and a 16% increase in healthy food knowledge.    95% of parents reported that because of Kid Power programming, their students both understand the importance of making healthy food choices and able to make healthier food choices. Additionally, 91% of parents reported that their children now help cook healthy meals at home. In terms of social-emotional growth, 95% of parents said that their children have better conflict resolution skills, while 68% of surveyed students said that they have better self-confidence.  Additionally, 73% of youth demonstrated increased positive social behaviors, such as assertiveness, while 67% showed increased creativity

On average, positive social-emotional scores increase 3% over the summer. Our daily Summer Leadership Academy serves 125 students and runs 7 hours/day for 5 weeks. Students participate in morning academic classes (ELA, Math, and Civics) and afternoon enrichment sessions based on the VeggieTime and Citizenship Programs. The Academy provides workforce development skills such as public speaking, marketing, financial literacy, team-building, and goal-setting. In just 5 short weeks, Kid Power saw significant growth.

Social Media

We seek motivated team players who align with our core values and are dedicated to helping our youth develop and bring lasting change to their lives and communities.
Work with us! Learn more about this position using the link in our bio.

💫AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

#Hiring #KidPower #YouthEducation #WashingtonDC

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Protégé Warren and mentor Chris first matched in 2018. Connecting over shared passions such as watching NBA games, movies, music, and traveling, they’ve built a strong foundation for their connection. As Warren transitioned from high school to working in DC, the pair kept in contact and continued to check out local lunch spots and movies. In the future, the two plan to travel and explore new destinations together. #MentorImpact #KidPowerDC 💫 ...

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Ben Picciano joined Kid Power’s Advisory Board in 2022. He shares his favorite memories with Kid Power: “One of the most rewarding experiences of my involvement with Kid Power has been participating in the annual Taste of the Garden event and witnessing the community come together to support our mission. This special occasion not only celebrates Kid Power’s continued growth and success but also serves as a moment to acknowledge those silently working to better our community and uplift DC youth. Hearing directly from Kid Power alumni and students during the event is incredibly heartening and is a reminder of the importance of our work.” #LoveMonth #CommunitySpotlight #KidPowerDC ♥️ ...

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Kid Power’s most recent Family Engagement Night was a success!! Led by Instructional Coach Brittany and Program Manager, Erin, students connected to explore a range of activities, including promoting healthy eating habits through a make-your-own yogurt station, discussing conflict resolution during “KP Circles”, and exploring their interests through a “When I Grow up, I want to be…” exercise. Our next Family Engagement nights will be held at @stanton_dcps @jowilsoncardinals @garrisonelementaryschool.

#YouthEngagement #WashingtonDC #KidPowerDC #YouthEducation 🍎📚♥️

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Tanya Morant has been a member of Kid Power’s Board of Directors since 2022. In reflecting on her most rewarding experiences with Kid Power, Tanya states, “Ever since I learned about Kid Power as a donor several years ago, I have been impressed with how intentional the organization is about every action it takes. From the hand-written note I received after making my first donation, to the way we call our young people proteges, to the yummy tasting stations at last year's Taste of the Garden Event, every aspect of the organization is laser-focused on helping to inspire and support our local youth. As a board member, it has been an honor and a privilege to get to see how Kid Power's small, but mighty, team works tirelessly to further the mission behind the scenes.” #LoveMonth #KidPowerDC❤️ ...

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The nomination form for Kid Power's 2024 Community Heroes is now available! Do you know an individual, business, or organization making a significant difference in our community in areas such as philanthropy, advocacy, health and wellness, or social justice? This is your opportunity to honor a local hero whose dedication has uplifted our community. Let's come together to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable contributions of those positively impacting lives and our community. Click the link in our bio to nominate your community hero and get ready for Taste of the Garden 2024. Early Bird Tickets will be on sale in March! #TasteoftheGarden #WashingtonDC #DCNonprofits #YouthEducation #CommunityImpact🪴🌷🌸🌱 ...

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As we continue to celebrate incredible partners, community members, and staff this February, we would like to spotlight Erin. Erin serves as the Program Manager for our After-School Program. When asked about her favorite experience with Kid Power, Erin stated, “My favorite experience is spending time with our students. They are so funny, charismatic, and smart. Getting the chance to spend time with them always serves as a reminder of why we do this work and how important education equity is so that our youth feel supported and loved as they are.” #LoveMonth #AfterSchool #StaffSpotlights #KidPowerDC ♥️ ...

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The Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Employment Program (MBSYEP) is a six-week program that provides District youth ages 14 to 24 with enriching and constructive summer work experiences through placements in public and private sectors.
Through MBSYEP, participants will have the opportunity to:

• Earn money and gain practical work experience
• Learn and develop skills, attitudes, and competencies necessary to success in today’s work environment.
• Gain exposure to various career industries.
• Interact with professionals in the workforce.
• The application for this program is currently open but will close on March 6th. If you are interested in applying and obtaining more information, click the link in our bio.

#YouthEmploymentOpportunities #CommunityEngagement #WashingtonDC #SummerJobs

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This February we are spotlighting a few of the incredible members of our board, staff, and greater community. Today, we highlight Christa Smith, one of our High Impact Tutoring Coordinators. When asked about her favorite experience with Kid Power, Christa stated, “Building Relationships, developing meaningful connections with students, colleagues, and parents, and fostering a sense of community has been my most rewarding experience.” #LoveMonth #StaffSpotlights #KidPowerDC ♥️ ...

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Kid Power’s Board of Directors Chair Gregory Henderson sends us a heartfelt message on this day. We would like to express our gratitude to our incredible community of students, families, and partners. #Appreciation #Gratitude #KidPowerDC ♥ ...

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Sareeta Jones brings her enthusiasm for tutoring, education, and connecting with youth as a High Impact Tutor @langley_tigers. Currently studying Early Childhood Education at @trinitywashingtonuniversity, Sareeta is eager to apply the knowledge gained from her studies to continue positively impacting youth following her graduation in May 2024. In her leisure time, she enjoys creating soaps and body butter, as well as surprising her students with healthy snacks. #KidPowerTeam #TutorImpact #YouthEducation 🍎📕 ...

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Mark your calendars! Kid Power's 11th annual fundraiser, Taste of the Garden, is back with a new delicious twist! On April 25th, 2024, experience an evening full of connection, community, and celebration. This year's celebration will be held at the @friendsmeetingofwashington. Keep an eye out for upcoming information on ticket sales, special guests, and how you can nominate a Community Hero! Experience the impact, joy, and connections that make this event truly special. #DCCommunityEvents #DCYouth #DCNonprofits #KidPowerDC #YouthEducation ...

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Armani Crabbe, a talented singer, dancer, visual artist, Kid Power Alumni and former protegé, has joined the High Impact Tutoring team as a tutor and program support @garrisonelementaryschool and @stanton_dcps. Armani expresses her excitement about rejoining the Kid Power family, saying, “I am truly enjoying being back with my forever family, seeing how much the organization has progressed and is continuing to inspire our youth. I was once in those same seats as our current students. I am grateful to be a part of the team once again. I look forward to seeing more to come within the programs.” In her free time, Armani enjoys reading and pursuing her artistic hobbies. #HighImpactTutoring #DCPublicSchools #YouthEngagement #KidPowerDC 📚 ♥️ ...

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“I became a mentor because I had mentors in my own life. I’ve seen the difference it makes,” stated Jourdan Smith, a Kid Power mentor. In speaking about his protégé, Nasir, he fondly recalls memories of bonding through sports, celebrating personal accomplishments, and being a source of support and accountability. Nasir expressed, “Having a mentor is relaxing. It’s someone who can teach you things, but at the same time, they can relate to you.” The duo are thrilled to continue bonding and look forward to a year full of new accomplishments, great memories, and friendly games of basketball. #MentoringAmplifies #NationalMentoringMonth #KidPowerDC 🏀📚 ...

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As we close out National Mentoring Month, we are taking a moment to recap the positive impact of having a mentor, improved emotional well-being, academic performance, leadership skills, plus so much more. To learn about our mentoring program and how you can be a mentor or a protégé, visit kidpowerdc.org. #NationalMentoringMonth #KidPowerDC ...

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We are thrilled to highlight our partnership with @mentormddc, our regional affiliate of @mentornmp. Their support has been pivotal in enhancing mentoring programs across Maryland and DC, providing training and resources that elevate our efforts to inspire and guide our youth. Over the past four years, the collaboration between Kid Power. Our mentoring program and MMDC has yielded remarkable results. Daon McLarin Johnson, MMDC's Program Support and Outreach Manager - DC Metro states:

“Over the years, Mentor MDDC’s continued partnership with Kid Power has resulted in a powerful synergy between organizations committed to improving the quality and quantity of mentoring in our nation’s Capital. From technical assistance to student career days to mentor training, I always look forward to sharing space and grace with the Kid Power family in our shared goal to mentor the next generation of leaders.” #NationalMentoringMonth #PartnerImpact #KidPowerDC #MentorImpact 📕✏️

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Partnering with Kid Power will inspire youth leadership through academic advancement, physical & emotional wellness, and positive civic engagement.


Each year, hundreds of volunteers and mentors take part in Kid Power’s variety of rewarding volunteering opportunities; making Kid Power a truly transformative experience for DC youth.