“I have attended Kid Power since I was 8 years old. I lived in a troubled neighborhood and it was rare for me and my siblings to have fun outside. Then we joined Kid Power, and it changed our lives. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I was a troubled student, and joining Kid Power made me want more for myself!"
Armani, Kid Power Alumna
“I was drawn to Kid Power because I saw they really made an impact in the communities that they serve and that they sought input from those communities instead of just assuming what was needed. As soon as I stepped foot into the door at Kid Power, I knew this was the organization that I really wanted to work in, no matter what the capacity.”
Jessica Truitt, Former Staff
“I was excited because the kids were learning about financial literacy, and a lot of us didn't grow up having that. She seemed to be having a lot of fun."
Tanisha Roberts, Parent
“Serve DC’s success is reflected in Kid Power’s success. We want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience, from the young people served by Kid Power’s programs to the AmeriCorps Members that serve those young people.”
Serve DC AmeriCorps Program Director
“I learned a lot but the one thing that Kid Power expressed to every single child every summer...always give back. And I think that’s what will really stick with me for the rest of my life. No matter where life takes me I’ll always remember to give back.”
Wilmon Lee IV, Alumni
“My mentor taught me to be open to new opportunities. She has truly taught me the value of having good connections. But the most important lesson I've learned from her was to make sure I serve a purpose and that I'm confident in what I want to do. Knowing someone cares enough about me and my future encourages me.”
Bryana, Mentors, Inc. @ Kid power Protégé Alumna
“Organizations like Kid Power are extremely important. Not only to the youth they serve but to the community as well. The community values and education that I received while at Kid Power were definitely not taught in school.”
Tajah Franklin, Alumna
“I learned a lot but the one thing that Kid Power expressed to every single child every summer... always give back. And I think that’s what will really stick with me for the rest of my life. No matter where life takes me I’ll always remember to give back.”
Wilmon H. Lee IV

Who We Are

Kid Power inspires youth leadership by promoting academic advancement, physical & emotional wellness, and positive civic engagement in under-served communities throughout the District of Columbia.

Our Programs

Kid Power’s FREE programs serve more than 1,600 DC youth.

After-School Program & Summer Leadership Academy

GRADES: 2nd – 8th

High Impact Tutoring Program

GRADES: 2nd – 5th

Mentor & Enrichment Program

GRADES: 6th – 12th

In-School Health & Wellness

GRADES: Pre-K – 5th

Our Impact

The program helped 92% of students maintain or improve their ELA standardized test scores and 7% move from below proficiency to approaching, meeting, or exceeding proficiency. Furthermore, according to DCPS school-day teachers, because of Kid Power programming, 63% of Kid Power showed improvements in regular classroom attendance, 43% showed an improvement in academic performance, and 51% showed an improvement in classroom participation.

The program helped students increase their civic knowledge, ability to design a service-learning project, and their confidence with debate and public speaking skills by 21%. Further, 73% of students reported increased understanding of the importance of helping others and 95% of parents said Kid Power helped their child understand the importance of community service.

Students showed a 17% increase in their nutritional, environmental science, and gardening knowledge.  Highlights included a 32% increase in students’ ability to identify different parts of a plant and a 16% increase in healthy food knowledge.    95% of parents reported that because of Kid Power programming, their students both understand the importance of making healthy food choices and able to make healthier food choices. Additionally, 91% of parents reported that their children now help cook healthy meals at home. In terms of social-emotional growth, 95% of parents said that their children have better conflict resolution skills, while 68% of surveyed students said that they have better self-confidence.  Additionally, 73% of youth demonstrated increased positive social behaviors, such as assertiveness, while 67% showed increased creativity

On average, positive social-emotional scores increase 3% over the summer. Our daily Summer Leadership Academy serves 125 students and runs 7 hours/day for 5 weeks. Students participate in morning academic classes (ELA, Math, and Civics) and afternoon enrichment sessions based on the VeggieTime and Citizenship Programs. The Academy provides workforce development skills such as public speaking, marketing, financial literacy, team-building, and goal-setting. In just 5 short weeks, Kid Power saw significant growth.

Social Media

On this special day, let’s remember all of our brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country. Let’s work together for our country’s progress and development to make Memorial Day meaningful, and to honor all the great deeds of our heroes. #MemorialDay #KidPowerDC ...

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Congratulations to this week's Raffle Winner, Marta Ames!! Through collective action, we have the power to shape a summer where our youth feel secure and thrive. Interested in entering next week’s raffle or learning more about how to get involved? Press the link in our bio!

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April was a memorable month at Kid Power! Take a look back at a few of our unforgettable moments:
🌷Enjoying delicious food, music, and an exciting Gardenside Chat at our 11th Annual Taste of the Garden
🌷Exploring creative projects in our After-School Program
🌷Learning culinary techniques with our protégés and mentors

#DCAfterSchoolPrograms #DCMentoringPrograms #DCPublicSchools #DCNonprofits #KidPowerDC

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Kid Power is thrilled to receive a $7,500 grant from The Crowell & Moring Foundation. The foundation supports organizations involved in topics such as education, legal aid, and youth development. This contribution will assist Kid Power in expanding its programming and continuing to provide resources to youth in our community. Thank you to the Crowell and Moring Foundation for supporting our program and mission. #WashingtonDCNonprofits #KidPowerDC #YouthEducation #CrowellandMoringFoundation ♥️ ...

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We're thrilled to participate in the United Way of the National Capital Area's Do More 24 online movement! Introducing our "Season of Opportunity" campaign from May 15 to June 30! Our goal? To raise $12,000 and provide equitable opportunities for DC youth all summer long.

Did you know that while many anticipate the summer season for its warmth and recreation, studies reveal that summer months can worsen educational disparities for many of our youth, resulting in learning setbacks? In addition, the surge in crime disproportionately also affects our younger population.

Are you ready to make a real difference? It's time to Create a Season of Opportunity! Join us with your donation. https://ow.ly/Kgnm50RHr5P💪

Plus, don't miss our weekly raffle drawings for donations over $50. First prize on May 24th: a $150 gift card from Mom's Organic Market. Let's make an impact together! ✨📚

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Do you know a high school student interested in exploring leadership opportunities and gaining community service hours? Kid Power’s Service Academy allows current 9th-11th grade students an opportunity to create their own Service Learning project, take on the role of teaching assistant, and earn up to 75 community service hours. To apply or for additional questions, press the link in our bio.

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Have you ever wondered..."What is a KP Circle?" One of our program's longest-standing activities, "KP Circles," is a space for students to develop social and emotional skills. Students discuss topics ranging from navigating big emotions to current events, classroom remediation, and opinions on social issues. KP Circles encourages students to develop agency, practice creative thinking and group collaboration, and explore both timeless and current topics and issues. #TheMoreYouKnow #KPCircles #DCPublicSchools #DCCommunity #YouthEducation #DCNonprofits ⭐📚♥️ ...

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Program Manager Aiden Teplitzky Dobens and Volunteer Coordinator Priscilla Barrera attended and explored the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Expo held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Priscilla stated, "We had the opportunity to meet new organizations to partner with and recruit new mentors." The event allowed the Kid Power team to establish relationships with local Hispanic business community leaders to enhance our resources for our older youth. #KidPowerDC #YouthMentorPrograms #DCNonprofits #DCPublicSchools 💛 ...

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Kid Power is delighted to receive a $25,000 grant from the Hattie M. Strong Foundation. This funding will greatly support our programming. Thank you to the Hattie M. Strong Foundation for their support of our mission and community. #CommunitySupport #KidPowerDC #DCNonprofits #YouthEducation♥️📚 ...

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Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time to honor and thank the educators who work tirelessly to educate students. Let's show gratitude for the hard work teachers put into their profession and recognize their important role in shaping young minds and supporting our youth and families. #TeacherAppreciationWeek #DCPublicSchools #KidPowerDC 📚 ...

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DC Public Schools is looking for 32 parents and caregivers from across all eight wards to join Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee's Parent Advisory Board for the 2024-2025 School Year. The application is now open until May 6, 2024. bit.ly/cpabapp2425 ...

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It's hard to believe that a week has already passed since the our 11th Annual Taste of the Garden! The night was a true testament to the power of community, with its delicious food, inspiring conversations, and unforgettable moments. We're excited to share a glimpse of this magical night with you. And of course, we have a special announcement at the end, revealing the lucky winner of our raffle...

Who are we kidding? We cannot hold it. Congratulations to Gail Granato! Thank you Gail and everyone who joined us. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of DC youth and families!

A huge shoutout to our sponsors Wilson Sonsini Foundation, Deloitte, JJS Investment Group, EcoCaters, RNDC, and Sweet Treats DMV.
#TasteOfTheGarden #RecapVideo #CommunityCelebration #rafflewinner

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Get Involved


Partnering with Kid Power will inspire youth leadership through academic advancement, physical & emotional wellness, and positive civic engagement.


Each year, hundreds of volunteers and mentors take part in Kid Power’s variety of rewarding volunteering opportunities; making Kid Power a truly transformative experience for DC youth.