May Star of the Month

Ceon.JPG  Meet Ceon Palmore, an outstanding sixth grade student at Sousa Middle School! Throughout this school year, Ceon has shown tremendous growth becoming a leader in both the classroom and the garden. This month, Ceon was instrumental in Sousa's VeggieTime gardens, taking the lead in building two additional garden beds at the school. She handled power tools, gave helpful directions to her peers, and she even helped her instructor on the proper way to put the frame together!

  Additionally, Ceon was elected the Kid Power President this month during an activity in which the students simulated the process of how a bill becomes a law. The responsibilities of the presidency initially intimidated Ceon, but by the end she was eagerly asking when the activity could be repeated to address other important issues. We expect big things from this amazing young woman! 

 Ceon (left) is pictured with two classmates who are displaying the work they did during a lawmaking activity.


April Star of the Month


Jonathan Lopez-Ventura is an awesome 3rd grader at H.D. Cooke Elementary School. His favorite subject is science and he loves experimenting to learn new things. Johnathan is a huge fan of the Marvel super heroes and, like them, always takes on leadership roles in the classroom. Johnathan implemented the daily tradition of playing charades with his classmates in Kid Power and After Care while they wait to be picked up at the end of program. He's also used his creative talent to invent his own games to play with friends. We expect big things from this all-star! 


February Star of the Month

Miner Student of the Month

Screen_Shot_2014-03-05_at_11.50.32_AM.pngNiyah Williams is a standout second grader at Miner Elementary School. She is respectful and responsible, both in the classroom and beyond school walls. She takes on the role of peacekeeper during program, ensuring that students work out conflicts safely and respectfully. She also leads her peers in small group activities both in math and reading, making sure tasks are completed correctly and quickly. Her favorite fruit is plums and her favorite vegetable is carrots-- and her favorite activity is VeggieTime! 



January Star of the Month

Chavez Star Student of the Month

 Quincy1.png  Quincy2.png

Quincy Diggs Jr is an outstanding 7th grader at Caesar Chavez Prep Middle School. Quincy brings enthusiasm, cooperation, and eagerness to program each day, and is a classroom leader in enrichment activities.

Quincy expressed great application for the various field trips that Chavez students participated in. His favorite was a trip to the Spy Museum in October, but also enjoys the weekly trips to Georgetown Day School and Sidwell Friends for the respective music and Robotics programing. 

Quincy also showed leadership in winterizing the school garden. His favorite veggie is corn and his favorite fruits are grapes and watermelon. Math is his favorite subject.

Quincy brings a great dynamic to the kids here at Chavez and we are very glad to have him as our Star of the Month!  


November Stars of the Month

-2.jpgTubman Elementary School 

Kiona Daniel is a 4th grader at Tubman Elementary School who values inclusion, respect, and harmony. A leader in the classroom, Kiona enforces peaceful conflict resolution by mediating for her friends when they have an argument. She also strives to ensure all students feel welcome and included at program; she befriended a fellow student who was having a hard time making friends, as well as reaching out to all students during routine activities like VeggieTime, POWER Vote, and bus rides to Sidwell Friends School to make sure no one is excluded.



Jefferson Middle School 

Jaida Murry is a leader at Jefferson Middle School. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and kindness always lights up the classroom. She has nearly perfect attendance and works hard every day. When new programs or initiatives are introduced, Jaida is always excited and willing to try. She volunteers her time and encourages others to do the same. She also helps fellow students with homework.


Kid Power's Newest Site: Sousa Middle School

In 1950, eleven African American students were denied admittance into a newly built middle school in Southeast DC. This denial eventually led to the historic Supreme Court case Bolling v. Sharpe, which made segregated schools illegal in the District and defeated the idea of “separate but equal.”

Sixty years later, Kid Power is proud to launch our program at the historic Sousa Middle School under the leadership of CheyenneScreen_Shot_2013-11-12_at_11.07.08_AM.png Gartin! My name is Katie Kirchner and I am a junior at American University studying public communication and education. This is my third year working with Kid Power and this year I’ve been lucky enough to work with Cheyenne at Sousa two afternoons a week. Located by Fort Dupont in Ward 7, Sousa encourages learning by providing a broad and comprehensive curriculum that is backed by a strong emphasis on the humanities and the sciences.


Kid Power programming started in September of this year and currently enrolls forty-seven sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Every afternoon students spend an hour working on academics, an hour working on either Veggie Time or the Citizenship Project curriculum, and a half hour being physically active. This semester, students have participated in a “penny war” between classrooms to raise money for the homeless, baked and handed out carrot muffins at Delta Towers, spent hours in the school garden, carved pumpkins to learn about plant anatomy, and completed over 90 hours of academic work.


Armani, Kid Power’s Star Student of the Month from Sousa said that her favorite part of Kid Power is working in the garden and being able to get her hands dirty. My personal favorite part of working at Sousa is being able to watch the students think of innovate and meaningful ways they can help create change in their lives and their community. One of the first days I was there the students listed out issues they saw impacting their community and ways they could address each one. I also serve as the Veggie Time Specialist for the site and seeing the students learn through fun, hands-on activities is also extremely rewarding. In the picture to the right, our students and staff are playing a relay-race game that taught pollination.

Stay tuned for more stories of success from Sousa as the year continues because our students are amazing!




October 2013 Star of the Month

Screen_Shot_2013-10-29_at_11.08.10_AM.pngAmari is a sixth grader at Kid Power's new site, Sousa Middle School in Ward 7. She is a leading example of POWER: not only does she have perfect attendance, but she also arrives at program organized and more than willing to help her friends. She marches to her own beat and stands firm as an individual. She has remarkable insights about how to improve her community and is quiet but strong leader. Her fellow students describe her as "nice," and someone who stays on track and as someone who always stays on task, and as someone that "keeps others on task." Her favorite part of Kid Power is VeggieTime! She especially enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden and helps encourage her peers to do the same.


May Star of the Month


May was the last full month of programming at our sites before summer.  Testing had finished, the weather was improving and it could be an easy time to “take it easy.” Not so much for Kid Power students, especially 5th grader at Prospect LC Myangelo - our Star of the Month of May.


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April Star of the Month

Daro is a 5th grade student at HD Cooke Elementary School in the Adams Morgan Neighborhood. She is the student of the month for April because of her dedication to Kid Power and her helpful spirit. She is respectful, kind, hard working, and joyful.

This past month HD Cooke learned about the needs of adults and kids around DC that are homeless, which lead us to have a canned food drive to help.  We asked all of HD Cooke to help us collect cans for a week and the most generous giver was Daro. Although she may not have a lot, she gave a tremendous amount. On the last day there was a full box filled with food all from Daro and her family. When asked where all of the cans came from, Daro replied that her family was given the food but she felt that there were other youth and families that had a greater need.

On a regular basis if help is needed Daro is willing to lend a hand. She does a great job watering the garden, helping to set up and break down Kid Power activities, and washing dishes after we cook. Not only does she volunteer to help but she does it with a smile. Daro has grown in her time at Kid Power and in April she shined bright with her leadership skills and helpful heart!


March Student of the Month

At the beginning of March, Kevin Garcia was able to attend the first ever International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit in Buford, GA. This was a very long trip and Kevin showed a lot of patience and maturity during the 12 hour drive each way. He was with a group of students he had never before met but his charm and sense of humor quickly won him friends. Even though he had never before traveled with strangers, Kevin was able to have a lot of fun and learn a lot.

Kevin G on the mic!

During the summit Kevin took part in discussions regarding current environmental issues and was always willing to share his thoughts and ideas. He was full of ideas about alternative energy as well as how we use plastics. There were a lot of opportunities for students to have fun while at the summit as well. During one of the sessions students were given plastic bottles to use in making recycled art projects, Kevin’s became a little octopus. There was a dance break at another point and Kevin eagerly joined in.

On the last day the students went to a park where they noticed a lot of trash laying around. Kevin, and the other students, began an impromptu park cleanup. They loaded their arms with bottle caps, pieces of string, discarded wrappers, and bits of paper. This was not an organized activity but a service project that the students took upon themselves to complete. During the trip Kevin exemplified what it means to be a Kid Power student.  He was kind, knowledgeable, patient, and ready to learn! All of these qualities that Kevin possesses were on display in March making him Kid Power's Student of the Month!


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