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Kid Power provides daily after-school and summer programs to approximately 350 youth.  Programs are designed to help youth achieve success in school, meaningful civic engagement, healthy behaviors, and successful transitions into adulthood. Current Programs include:
  1. Academic Power Hour: Maintaining a 1:8 staff to student ratio, Kid Power provides small group and differentiated instruction aligned with the Common Core Standards to help meet individual needs.  Activities include: homework help, literacy building activities, and innovative STEM curriculum.  Kid Power prides itself on making learning cool again! Anyone up for math relay races or "steal the carrot" this afternoon?                                                            
  2. The Citizenship Project: Working with their high school or college mentors, youth complete a literacy-building and civic engagement curriculum, the “Citizenship Workbook.” The workbook includes reading comprehension, vocabulary-building, critical thinking, creative writing, and art activities. For example, youth may design and present posters about the Branches of Government or participate in a mock election! Students connect these academic lessons to youth-led service-learning and advocacy projects.
  3. The VeggieTime Project:  Students participate in a multi-faceted approach to health and environmental science education. First, youth participate in STEM learning as they learn a wide- array of nutritional/health, environmental, and “good agricultural” concepts. They apply these lessons to urban gardening programs, introduce fresh produce into their homes, sell a portion of proceeds at local markets, and direct proceeds to fund service projects focused on healthy eating.  The program has Kid Power's strongest parent engagement component as participating families support community gardens and attend regular cooking classes.
  4. Summer Leadership Academy: A cohort of Kid Power youth participate in advanced academic courses designed to prevent summer learning loss. Additionally, youth complete a variety of innovative and exploratory enrichment, service, and recreational activities. Kid Power alumni serve as Junior Counselors through the DC Summer Youth Employment Program(SYEP).







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