By Shannon Dragsbaek


In the CookieTime program, students learn food preparation skills from professional bakers at CakeLove, develop and market an original line of cookies, and use the proceeds to fund service-learning projects.        Last week, Kid Power youth from Jefferson Middle School and Tubman Elementary School came together to host a youth-led CookieTime bake sale.  The students in this group carefully thought about where they wanted cookie proceeds to go, and students discussed different groups that could benefit. Students took a vote and ultimately decided to donate proceeds to "Toys for Tots."


IMG_0079.JPGAfter deciding on their chosen charity, students created pamphlets to promote the CookieTime program and donated cookie bags. After everything was set up, the baking began. With the help of a Kid Power alumni student, Iyoha (pictured right), the students weighed out ingredients and mixed together batter for peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.

The students then split the cookie dough up into little balls and waited patiently for them to finish baking. When the cookies were finally cooled, students separated them into individual bags and set up their bake sale outside.

The Kid Power students then took to the streets, discussing their cause with pedestrians in Chinatown. Students explained the importance of helping others, and were relentless in their efforts to raise as much money as possible. Because of their terrific efforts, Kid Power youth ended up raising $200 dollars for Toys for Tots!

This CookieTime bake sale truly demonstrated Kid Power's core principals of youth IMG_0075.JPGleadership and service-learning. I was also truly impressed to see three different age groups- a teenage alumni student, middle school students, and elementary school students all working as a team!  

Please contact Program Director, Grant Elliott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about CookieTime, to sign up to volunteer, or to learn when you can buy cookies to support a community a cause.

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