“I thought all pickles tasted like dill pickles, and I don’t like those. But in Pickle Power I learned that you can make pickles different ways and they taste different. Ours taste awesome.”

This summer, Kid Power students applied their business, culinary, and service-learning skills through Pickle Power! 

First, students learned about flavor profiles by sampling a variety of pickles, then they teamed up to create their own original pickle recipes.  With recipes in hand, students went to SuperFd Catering’s professional kitchen (thanks to Kid Power Board Member- Chef Robbie Wood!) to make their own pickles using fresh, locally source ingredients.  And they made over 500 jars!!

Next, these aspiring entrepreneurs pitched their business and marketing plan to a panel of “Shark Tank” judges. They discussed their logo designs and slogans, net and gross profits, and which charity they wanted to donate their proceeds to. The winners as selected by the judges won an additional $100 to support their project!

“This is my favorite part—selling them. It’s fun to be out here talking with people and telling them about our pickles and all the work we did.”

Finally, students sold their pickles in the community. They sold over 200 jars, raising over $400! Students will donate half of the proceeds to a charity of their choosing—the DC Humane Society—and get to keep the rest of their earnings for all of their hard work!

Youth take a leading role in directing the vision and scope of this project.  It was actually student feedback on the Hot Sauce Challenge in previous summers, in which youth created and bottled their own hot sauce recipes, that led to the launch of Pickle Power this year.  Students learned key leadership, teamwork, and workforce development skills in every phase of the project, and they have much to be proud of in their successful small business launch!

Wondering where you can get your bottle of Kid Power pickles?  They will be for sale at Kid Power’s Taste of the Garden on Thursday, September 29th

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